Chief Executive & Operations Officer (CEO, COO)

Yeong Lih Shyue holds an Executive MBA from Beijing University, and was the Regional Marketing Director for ASIA Products Co Ltd from 2004 to 2007. He has amassed in-depth business experiences with digital currencies at its early stages since 2009, most predominately with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash.
In 2015, he was accepted as a member of the Asia Crypto Currency Association, and in the same year, he held the sponsorship for the Asia Digital Finance Committee, which led him to an official invitation to work on blockchain development projects with Cyber Securities Malaysia.
In 2016, He was the co-team leader of the Monash University development team responsible in the development of an encrypted alt-coin cryptocurrency. Yeong is the majority stakeholder and leading operational strategist for the holdings’ directives and roadmap.

Chief Technology Officer (Interim CTO)

Jordan Wang is a Cybersecurity practitioner and IT Strategist who partners with senior executives and entrepreneurs to improve their professional brands and operations through digital transformation. He spent his last three decades working with government, multinational corporate entities and startups, assisting them to cross the digital divide in harnessing the power of digital technologies to be more effective, innovative and disruptive.
He is an ardent technology evangelist, actively engaged in web-based software development and custom ERP business solutions for SMEs. He has a strong foundation in IT infrastructure and cyber security, with applicable knowledge experience in enterprise business solutions, cloud computing applications, electronic mobile payments, automated forex trading and crypto currency exchange trading platforms.
An entrepreneurial spirit at heart, Jordan has a penchant for financial wealth development strategies, is a trained forex trader, successful real estate property investor, and an extreme sports enthusiast. Jordan holds diplomas in business management and information technology and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Daniel Wu has an very impressive and illustrious career. He served as the deputy director for the Development Zone affiliated to the China Development and Reform Commission; and followed it up with the deputy director position for the Promotion Committee of e-commerce integrity under the Ministry of commerce of China. He is currently the Director of Zhangjiang Circular Economy Promotion Association, Shanghai, China. His other portfolios include:
CSO of International Group (Chief Strategic Officer)
Executive Director of Oriental Fashion International Culture and Art Communication Co., Ltd
CEO of an enterprise company involving in the Belt and Road Initiative in Beijing
OPPORTY CO. (US) Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)

Chief Advisor (Interim CA)

Johnson is an experienced public accountant and commenced his career as an auditor in a renowned international accounting firm.
He is a full Member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and also a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA).
He has led and managed numerous cross-border group-level audits for Mainland and Asian Chinese enterprises, as well as being responsible for the groups’ audit plans and schedules across multiple sectors. He has built up an impressive network across the Greater China, and is highly recommended for corporate governance and China penetration strategies.

Director of Mining Development

Entrepreneurial by nature, Alfred graduated with a degree in marketing management and spent 12 years within top management in a UK-based public listed oil & gas company, responsible for business development. He was then headhunted and relocated to Hong Kong, where he spent several years in the financial services industry, developing and marketing customised financial programs for various high net worth clients throughout South East Asia.
With a shrewd business mind always on the lookout for new opportunities; in 2013 Alfred saw the huge potential in the emerging bitcoin economy and was one of the first people in Hong Kong to develop and market financial products related to bitcoin mining, trading and helping to increase the public awareness of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He is often invited to be the keynote speaker at several cryptocurrency forums.
Alfred is actively involved in consulting for companies wishing to get involved in cryptocurrency; from creating new crypto currencies, Ethereum smart contracts, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), setting up and managing mining farms and ancillary services from mining pools, crypto currency remittance, exchange services to merchant services and micropayments.
Alfred continues to work closely with CyberSecurity Malaysia, a government organisation responsible for the development and implementation of Malaysia’s Cyber National Security Policies.